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Environmental protection and renewable energy utilization engineering

City life rubbish incineration

Engineering Introduction:

Engineering introduction:

ZCME invest, cooperate, build city life rubbish treatment plant.

ZCME invest and cooperate environmental protection project with all big cities and asset operating companies. Rubbish disposal projects are for population 600-800 thousand county-level city, population 120-180 thousand city and population 600-3600 thousand prefecture-level city. These high-tech projects are with ZCME group proprietary intellectual property rights and crystal of ZCME cooperate with foreign experts. City life rubbish disposal projects have pyrolysis crystal type and overall integration disposal type which is suitable for big or medium-sized city.

Small-medium cities introduce triunity rubbish incineration pyrolysis treatment which is perfect crystallization without the secondary pollution,especially suitable for treating densely populated life rubbish which is with complicated components and worthless. The method is doing rubbish pretreatment firstly, selecting out organic substance as coarse compost or finished into organic compound fertilizer, incineration of rest combustibility, masonry and slag inorganic rubbish can be made of building materials.This original rubbish treatment accord with China's actual conditions, strong adoptability for different rubbish.Widely used in small-medium cities rubbish harmless disposal, the rubbish is low calorific value, complex elements and less reuseful resource. It is a significant breakthrough in national rubbish disposal industry,set a good example for small-medium cities scientific and advanced rubbish disposal. This project is with small investment, high degree automatization, realizing the visual operation and management,low running cost, reach national construction bureau standard thorough pyrolysis. For city continual development, ZCME group can make the overall program, without duplication of investment in future.Engineering builded achieved all requirement of the country environment examination center. Dioxins, all targets fulfill national environmental protection standard,some are higher Europe 94 environmental standard.

ZCME group introduces modern rubbish incineration engineering to small and medium cities in joint venture of many cooperation models.

Engineering case:

Settling chamber

Incinerator-second combustion chamber

Drying rubbish

Automatic control

Tail gas clean-up

Rubbish made into ground tile


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