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Pellet mill
STZD series conditioner
Product details

Product introduction:

  1. The pellet mill is suitable for producing aquafeed and high-grade livestock and poultry feed.
  2. Equipped with double shaft differential conditioner,more places entering steam,long conditioning time,complete conditioning and high curing degree.
  3. Different shaft diameter and rotary speed, differential motion in opposite direction, make materials,steam,liquid shear and mix fully through two shaft blades stir.
  4. The longest conditioning time is up to 180 seconds, ensure materials full curing and good reliability in water.
  5. In conditioner, materials touch parts all use stainless steel.
  6. Conditioner with vast door structure, convenient for operation and maintenance, the blade angle can be adjusted to control conditioning time.
  7. Right pelleting data and special cutter mechanism, better suited to small grain pelleting.

Technical parameters:

Type Model:STZD400



Suitable models:SZLH400、420、428 Pellet mill


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