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Pellet mill
SZLH30 Pellet mill
Product details

Product introduction:

  1. The pellet mill is a key equipment for producing pellet feed,belong to KYW32 pellet mill which quality award from the ministry and province. KYW32 series is the only one of feed pellet mills awarded China recognized famous brand. Suitable for annual output 3000tons small feed plant, aquatic farm and specialized households produce poultry,livestock and aquatic pellet feed.
  2. This small pellet mill absorbs advantages of pelleting equipments at home and abroad and integrates with twenty years of design and manufacturing experience.The feeding system adopts stepless speed changing motor control, adjust speed conveniently and reliably, main drive system use gear drive. The pellet mill with high output, low noise, low energy consumption, long operating life, convenient operation and maintenance advantages, without magnetic separation,iron removal and overload protection device, safe and reliable operation.

Technical parameters:

Main motor power (kw):22/30

Production capacity(t/h):1-4

Ring die diameter(mm):¢300

Pellet specification(mm) :¢2-¢18

Feeding motor power(kw):0.55

Conditioning motor power(kw):2.2





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