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Pellet mill
KYW32a Pellet mill
Product details

Product introduction:

1.This pellet mill is a key equipment for producing pellet feed, with high output,good performance,low energy consumption,low noise and beautiful appearance characters.It is the ideal equipment for pressing poultry,livestock and fish pellet feed. In 1987, the pellet mill has been awarded ministry and provincial high-quality product title.
2.The feeding system adopts stepless speed changing motor control, adjust speed conveniently and reliably. Could be equipped with microcomputer automatic control system adjusts feed-in quantity and throttle flow automatically,make pellet mill in the best working condition all the time.

Technical parameters:

Pellet specification:¢2、¢2.5、¢3.5、¢4.5、¢6、¢8
Main motor power :37kw
Auxiliary motor power:0.55kw±2.2kw

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