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Pellet mill
Flat die forage pellet mill
Product details

Product introduction:

1. Mainly suitable for stover,beet discard and all straw coarse fiber feed processing. Like wheat straw, rice straw, peanut hull, sorghum straw, sunflower hull,rice hull, coffee hull,corn straw, carob bean,cotton discard,grape wine discard and olive discard are rich in coarse fiber agricultural by products.But they should be through correspondingly suitable pretreatment, such as fermenting and adding sodium hydroxide technology to gain good pelleting performance.
2. Between ¢12-30mm have various hole diameters and compression ratios flat die for selection.

3.Customers according to different needs to choose different hole diameters and compression ratios flat die,achieving the best technology and economy benefit.

4. Main drive adopts high accuracy gear drive, ring die in quick detaching encircling hoop type,output raised about 15% more than belt drive.Feeder with variable frequency adjustable speed, ensure equal feeding, all stainless steel gate lid, flume and feeder.Adopt international advanced Germany gun drill and high quality stainless steel ring die processed by America vacuum furnace manufacturing technology.The pellet mill with long useful life, produce smooth pellet and high quality feed.

Technical parameters:


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