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Pellet mill
SZLH400JG straw pellet mill
Product details

Product introduction:

1. Adapted for compressing sawdust, chrysanthemum and palm light raw materials pelleting. 2. ZCME straw pellet mill with special feeding system designed for all straw,equal and reliable feed-in. 3. Main drive adopts high accuracy gear drive, ring die in quick detaching encircling hoop type,output raised about 15% more than belt drive. 4. The complete machine transmission parts use Switzerland or Japan high quality bearing, ensure high efficiency, stable and reliable drive. 5. All adopt international advanced equipments and alloy steel ring die made by processing technology. The pellet mill with long useful life,produce smooth pellet and high quality feed. 6. International advanced level serpentine spring coupling with innovative and compact structure,safe,low noise and low failure excellent performances. 7. High-performance magnetic attracts iron device.

Technical parameters: 

Type Model Power(KW) Output(t/h)
MZLH350JG 37 0.6-0.8
MZLH508JG 132 2-2.5
MZLH678JG 200 3-3.5
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