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Pellet mill
SZLH660X High efficiency pellet mill specialized for shrimp feed
Product details

Product introduction:

Centralized valves control system,reliably add steam, easily operate. Improved main drive and pressing room make output increase and feed quality better. Feeder with round feeding tube and frequency conversion feeding, feeding tube prevents knotting arch and ensures feeding equally. Conditioner with three layers jacket or differential double shaft, special design blade style installation, rotary speed of conditioning shaft and steam adding system ensure materials fully conditioning and curing. Cutter mechanism fixed in case,no need to exit cutter when you open door,cutter blade is made from high speed tool steels or cutter point welded special alloys,the cutter blade thickness is 2-3MM. Cutter blade clings to ring die surface,so it can be changed quickly. Design shrimp feed pressure roller and pressure roller’s appearance.Improved feeding scraper distribute materials equally to every suppressed area. Based on the character of shrimp feed to design the speed of ring die,improve production capacity, pellet appearance and quality greatly. The flume design conforms to materials flow smoothly,adding discharging outer pneumatic motor.Automatic control system design and overload protection design.

Technical parameters: 

Main Power(kw):160KW

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