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Pellet mill
SZLH528 Pellet mill
Product details

Product introduction:

Optimal blade construction and layout make materials stir more equally, extend conditioning time, conditioning effect is better. Innovative design of drive case and main drive system, more stable and reliable drive, improving drive efficiency above 10%. Improvement of the flume construction and outer pellet mill discharging system, spray oil outer engine before stop, prevent blocking up die hole and discharging outer pneumatic motor, improve pellet mill operate in security and sealing, realizating safety, hygiene and no dust leaked. Could be equipped with on-line moisture testing system and fault warning system as bearing temperature rise and main shaft vibration. Improving feed quality, meanwhile, extending main engine working hours and useful life.

 Technical parameters:

Type Model SZLH528
Main motor power (KW) 110/132/160
Production capacity(t/h) 14-21
Feeding motor power(KW) 7.5
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